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Das zweite Rennen des DTM Classic Cups 2022. Live mit Maren Braun im Grid und mit Carsten Krome in der Com-Box.

DTM Classic Cup 2022 Lausitzring, Qualifying session for race #2 on sunday afternoon

Track Notes

#2 Stefan Mücke (Ronny Scheer), Opel Calibra V6 4×4
Like in the first race on saturday afternoon, water temperatures were rising unexpectedly in the six-cylinder-engine. As a matter of fact, the water pressure was rising too fast, the car had to be withdrawn from the remains of the weekend. Stefan Mücke stated: „This is an installation event for us, we do not want to take risks more than necessary. But we are looking forward, that the very complex class-1-car will be back at the Norisring in July!“

# 19 Klaus Hoffmann, Tim Schrick, Opel Astra V8 Coupé
After suspension trouble on the bumpy track on saturday, the team tried to change the setting of the shock absorbers on site, but without initial success. The car had tio be withdrawn from the event, too.

# 101 Steffan Irmler, Ronny Melkus, Opel Astra Supertouring
Big drama for Steffan Irmler on the opening lap of race number one, when the proven engine collapsed totally. On the leaking oil, „Astrid“ even suffered a spin, taking Thomas Wandel (Audi 200 Quattro turbo) into a slighter collision. Due to the fact, that there is not even a spare engine at home, the car had to be withdrawm from the event. The enthusiastic team will return to the series with an Opel Kadett GSI 16V Group A, which is in the closing stages of completion.

# 11 Ronny Scheer, Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
After a collapsing drivetrain under full acceleration right in the opening lap of the first race on saturday afternoon, the powerful single turbo racecar could be repaired for the second qualifying on sunday morning. In that session, Ronny Scheer came in on fifth spot in the overall classification.

# 56 Leonard Batenburg, BMW M3 E30
The fyling dutchman came in on fourth spot in the second qualifying. In the closing stages, he touched the wall with the rear end of his BMW M3, damaging bodywork and the final elements of the exhaust system, too. With the help of some other participants, Batenburg now tries to get the car race ready until the last occasion on sunday afternoon.

#36 Mark Verhaegh, BMW M3 E30 2.5/Step 1992
Another dutchman, who delivered quite spectacular pictures within the livestream coverage: An oil leak on the gearbox caused huge smoke development around the track. Luckily enough, the car, which is almost on the technical level of the late DTM-season of 1992 with a 2.5-litre engine, can be equipped with a spare gearbox until the second race. „I was changing from six-speed to five-speed from friday on“, stated Mark Verhaegh, „now I can be happy to have the choice.“

#23 Moritz Horn, BMW M3 E30 2.3/1988 Alpina
Big step forward for the young and highly focussed driver, who came in third in the second qualifying session on sunday morning. The 24-year-old driver could not use the full throttle opening on friday and saturday as well. After that phenomenon was found, Moritz Horn now came back to his full potential.

# 20 Marc Hessel, BMW 320 iS „Dä Schmal“
Still, the very stiff bodywork construction needs some more development tracktime in order to find the right suspension setting. „The car is much more stiffer than the BMW M3 for instance“, states Marc Hessel. „Here at the Lausitzring, there is too much oversteering, which leads to more tire wearout.“ In order to collect more data material, the former DTM-driver in the years of 1987/88 used yesterday´s tires once again in sunday morning´s qualifying. “Otherwise, we could not work under back to back conditions.“ Result of that strategy has been the sixth spot ahead of swiss René Ruch in qualifying for race two.

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